EIB’s Corporate & Technical Assistance Procurement Guide

The purpose of the guide is to set out the procedures to be followed by the EIB when procuring services, supplies, works and concessions for its own account, as well as technical assistance services provided by external service providers inside or outside the EU under third party mandates. Technical assistance services, also called “advisory services”, include all expert advice and expertise-based tasks delivered by the EIB Group and, when necessary, by external service providers managed by staff of the EIB Group. It transposes the directive 2014/24/EU on public procurement. Note #1: The document remains the version adopted in July 2017 – Only the editorial note on §2.4.2 has been updated in order to reflect the new threshold as of 01.01.2020. Note #2: The document remains the version adopted in July 2017 – only values in §, §, §7.4.2, §, §, §, § and § have been updated to reflect temporary changes to internal thresholds for low value procurements as of 21.08.2020 until 20.08.2021 Guide https://www.eib.org/attachments/strategies/eib_corporate_and_technical_assistance_procurement_guide_2020_08_en.pdf Virginie Gastine Menou RISQUES ET VOUS
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