AFA: Corporate Gifts and Hospitality Guide

The French Anti-Corruption Agency published on 9/11/20 a guide intended to facilitate the management of gifts and invitations by recalling in particular the purpose of a policy in this area, and by proposing a method for its implementation.

Gifts and hospitality are ordinary business practices.

Such habits, which in themselves do not offend neither the law nor morals, can, however, in certain circumstances, raise the suspicion of the existence of a hidden counterpart which would then expose the organization to a criminal risk.

Indeed, when they are offered or received with a view to obliging the beneficiary and leading him to betray the interests for which he is responsible, these gifts may characterize acts of corruption or influence peddling.

The implementation by an organization of a policy formalizing the rules for offering and accepting gifts and hospitality constitutes a tool for controlling such a risk.

This guide has been updated to take into account the observations sent during the feedback from the public consultation opened on this subject, in particular by professional federations.

This guide is not legally binding. It offers avenues to help organizations define and effectively implement a gifts and hospitality policy.

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Virginie Gastine Menou

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