ANSSI: Secure administration and maintenance providers - Requirements repository

While the process of developing the next requirements repository for secure administration and maintenance providers (PAMS) continues, ANSSI is sharing the latest version of the document. This latest version incorporates feedback from the many players in the sector, sent following the public call for comments from October 2019. It also allows the launch of an experimentation phase.

The secure administration and maintenance service providers ensure the proper functioning and security of the information systems. A booming activity whose impact can have a major impact on the security of administered information systems, in particular for critical operators and administrations likely to use this type of service.

To assess the quality of the outsourcing services offered, ANSSI draws up a framework which aims to provide sponsors with the necessary guarantees, both in terms of security and of the trust to be granted to the service providers who provide them.

This future qualification scheme, valued in the long term by an ANSSI security visa, will allow all users to easily identify the PAMS providing a quality of service up to the current security challenges.

To follow up on the last call for comments and to take into account the many feedbacks sent, ANSSI is today publishing the new version of this standard.

Requirements repository

Virginie Gastine Menou

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