Airbus: Global corruption case resolved!


Airbus: Global corruption case resolved!

Airbus has agreed to pay a fine totaling 3.6 billion euros to France, Great Britain and the United States in order to close the corruption investigations targeting the company.
In fact, Airbus has admitted five charges. The company used its network to pay bribes in more than 20 countries to officials to land high-value contracts between 2011 and 2015.

2.1 billion paid to France:

The world's second-largest aircraft manufacturer will pay a fine and costs amounting to:

991 million euros in the United Kingdom,

525.6 million euros in the United States,

And finally 2.1 billion euros to France within the framework of the judicial convention of public interest.

This is the 6th Judicial Convention of Public Interest (CJIP) concluded by the National Financial Prosecutor's Office (PNF). By far the largest fine imposed in this procedural framework.
The settlement exceeds the £ 671 million (US $ 886 million) paid by engine maker Rolls-Royce in 2017. It was the previous UK record for a corporate bribery fine.

Self-reporting of irregularities:

Among the countries concerned are China, Russia, Nepal and Colombia.
At the same time, the American justice suspected Airbus of not having obtained the necessary authorizations to export armaments containing American components.
An investigation was opened on Airbus in 2016 after the incidents of alleged corruption. French and English investigations began later.

30 million documents provided to investigators:

“Taking into account the mass of information analyzed, three and a half years of proceedings, it is an infinitely short time”. Noted at the hearing Jean-François Bonhert, French magistrate. He thus underlined that the group had provided 30 million documents to the investigators, that is to say three times the number of those of the scandal of "Panama Papers".

Beyond this sanction, observers wonder about the use which will be made of its “tons” of confidential data seized by the US and the UK. Business intelligence VS anti-corruption ...

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