Ransomware attacks, ALL concerned: how to anticipate them and react in the event of an incident

This guide for businesses and communities, delivers testimonials, best practices and advice including the cases of the M6 Group, Rouen University Hospital and Fleury Michon, all three victims of ransomware in 2019.

Ransomware attacks are increasing in number, frequency and sophistication. Since January 1, 2020, ANSSI has handled 1,041 ransomware attacks. Their consequences are more and more devastating, on the business continuity, even the survival of the victim organization.

"Both private and public actors are still too little aware of the risk and of their own vulnerability". Observes Guillaume Poupard, Director General of ANSSI.

"There is an urgent need for businesses and communities to implement measures to prevent ransomware attacks and learn how to react when it is too late." Explains François Deruty, Deputy Director of Operations at ANSSI.


The guide offers preventive measures taken from the ANSSI's Computer Hygiene Guide. Applying them helps prevent ransomware from reaching the organization or, at a minimum, reduces the losses associated with such an attack.

ANSSI's advice to reduce the risk of ransomware attack:

- Save data
- Maintain software and systems up to date
- Use and keep up to date antivirus software
- Partition the information system
- Limit user rights and application permissions
- Control Internet access
- Implement log supervision
- Raise employee awareness
- Evaluate the opportunity to subscribe to cyber insurance
- Implement a response plan to cyber attacks
- Think about its cyber crisis communication strategy.

The guide also outlines the steps to take to respond well to a ransomware attack.
The first technical actions proposed, when they are implemented quickly, make it possible to reduce the losses associated with such an attack.

ANSSI's advice for reacting well in the event of an attack:

- Adopt the right reflexes
- Pilot the management of the cyber crisis
- Find technical assistance
- Communicate at the right level
- Do not pay the ransom
- File a complaint
- Restore systems from healthy sources.


Virginie Gastine Menou

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