National CSR perception barometer Summary of 2020 results 2nd edition

MEDEF is the leading network of entrepreneurs in France. More than 95% of MEDEF member companies are SMEs.

MEDEF places job creation and sustainable growth at the heart of its action. It dialogues with all the actors of civil society and works with the various decision-makers in favor of a better understanding of the constraints and strengths of companies.

In a context of profound changes (economic, demographic, digital, societal), its mission is to promote entrepreneurial freedom and to promote entrepreneurship.
To do this, it takes initiatives allowing companies to benefit from a favorable legislative and regulatory environment in the economic, fiscal, social, environmental and societal fields and to deploy their activities both in France and abroad. MEDEF deploys many initiatives internationally thanks to MEDEF International, Stratexio and Agyp.

MEDEF is a social partner and as such it contributes to building a constructive social dialogue, as close as possible to the realities on the ground and in good harmony with the trade unions.

MEDEF works to adapt the various social protection systems to economic and demographic changes.

The strength of MEDEF lies in its regional network and in its professional branches.


Survey conducted by TNS KANTAR for MEDEF

As part of its work on corporate social responsibility (CSR), MEDEF designed in 2019 a national barometer of perception of CSR with a dual objective:

- measure the perception that employees have of CSR in a company, in relation to their perception of its performance;

- enable companies to measure, engage and build an effective dialogue with their employees around CSR, on the basis of a shared diagnosis, and to compare themselves and measure their progress over the years.


Virginie Gastine Menou

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