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The community of regulatory experts designed by regulatory experts. Your daily life and your expertise are finally understood! 
Automatically receive offers that match your expertise. Choose the one (s) that suit you. 

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On demand, personalized support with a GRACES expert: LinkediN / CV profile writing, interview simulation 

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All our positions


- General secretary

- CSR / ESG manager

- Data managment

- Governance consultant



- Financial Security


- Staff ethics

- Investor protection

- Market integrity

- Anti Corruption

- Trade compliance


– Head of Compliance / Head of Compliance / Director of Compliance




Regulatory / Legal affairs

– Compliance

– Competition

– Banking / Finance

– Tax / Taxation



– Risk manager: Market risk

- Risk manager: Liquidity risk

- Risk manager: Counterparty risk

- Risk manager: Credit risk

- Credit risk analyst

- Operational risk

- Risk of regulatory / legal non-compliance

- Cyber security / IT / personal data risk

- Reputational risk

- Governance / strategic risk

- Environmental risk

- Risk Consultant



– Head of Ethics & Compliance

– Ethics Consultant



- competition

- Compliance

- Banking / Finance

– TAX / Taxation

Regulatory / Legal affairs

Internal Audit


- Permanent control

- Periodic inspection

- Internal Audit

- General inspection

- Consultant

- Internal control

Cyber security


Cyber Security Manager

- public

- Physical security

- Security consultant

❓ Frequently asked questions


Can my current company have access to my profile?

Your profile will never be highlighted on a job offer from your current employer. This allows you to register with confidence, even if you have not yet decided to change jobs.

How to apply for a job advertisement?

Once your profile is completed, you will automatically discover the jobs that “match” your skills and your desires. Consult the announcements and make known your interest, in one click, for the position. 

Another possibility: Receive an advertisement directly from a recruiter who liked your profile. You have the choice to accept or decline with one click. 

In case of mutual interest, access the dedicated and secure messaging to exchange directly with your future manager.


Why am I not receiving offers?

Several factors are taken into account in the positioning of experts on offers: the demand of recruiters for a type of profile, the skills sought, the type of company desired ... All these factors influence the number of times your profile is sent to a recruiter.

Our matching algorithm takes into account all of these factors in order to position you with companies in line with your wishes.

If your preferences are very restrictive, this will play a role. But listing your skills properly will allow you to be visible to more recruiters. So why not update your profile?

What other services are available on the marketplace?

You wanted to create a space bringing together all the information for regulatory experts. At this stage we have integrated the following services:

-jod boad of automatic matching of regulatory expertise

-regulatory watch provided by the best regulatory firms (lawyers and advisers)

-regulatory calendar to avoid missing a regulatory deadline and to be informed of all events (seminars, webinars, etc.)

- salary simulator and salary study

- appointments of regulatory experts

-vocational training directory

- directory of university training and certifications dedicated to regulatory experts

- library of regulatory publications of community members

If you have other needs, send an email to


Does my approach benefit from a follow-up?

The GRACES Talent recruiters team is totally dedicated to you throughout your experience. Don't panic, we don't harass the experts and prefer emails, in small doses 🙂

You can also request personalized follow-up by contacting the team directly!

Can I select the type of companies I am looking for?

Yes. To be as close as possible to your expectations, you have the choice to select the types of companies for which you would like to work or those which you would prefer to avoid. These choices weight the promotion of your profile to companies, so that the matching is as relevant as possible.

Is there a charge for access to job search?

Access to jobs is completely free for experts. (PS: You can even win a gift voucher of 300 euros if you refer people to GRACES community and they are recruited through the platform.)

The maintenance simulation service and review of his LinkedIn profile and his CV is accessible by purchasing video consultation time.

Where do the figures for the payroll study come from? Is it reliable?

The remuneration study was carried out with a thousand regulatory experts based in France and Luxembourg. It reflects a declarative statement at the end of 2020. 

To test the simulator, it's here. 

Source: Compliance Executive Search

Is my data protected?

We are committed to protecting your data and complying with the GDPR. Each candidate account is anonymized. You have access to the consultation, modification and recovery of your data on request at For more information, see our privacy policy. 

All of our servers are based in Europe. 


How to create a candidate profile?

There are two steps to creating a profile:

- Request access to the community. Each request is validated manually by a GRACES expert.

- Once validated, you will receive an email to complete your profile. You will only receive announcements once your profile is completed at 100%.

Tip: Fill in the “skills” category to ensure better matching.


Why join the 1st community of regulatory experts?

You are a Compliance officer, internal controller, risk manager ... this space for discussion allows you to:

1) find your next professional challenge
2) train you and get certified
3) publish and find publications

Are you satisfied with GRACES services? how to submit your feedback?

We are constantly looking for improvement, so feedback is welcome. To do this, you just have to leave us your opinion at or on the right of your screen with "your opinion".

How is my profile updated?

You can update it by logging into the platform or soon by linking your LinkedIn account

What are the conditions of access to the community?

During the test period, regulatory experts are only accepted by invitation. Each member of the community is individually selected to certify their identity (KYC) and ensure the community to engage in confidence and confidentiality.

You are asked to provide the name of 3 regulatory experts already present in the community who can vouch for you. We will contact you by email and telephone to validate your identity and your profession before any access. The 3 listed guarantors will also be asked to join the community of regulatory experts.

Can I register if I am based abroad?

You can register from anywhere. The job offers currently offered are mainly in France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium ...

How can I sponsor Regulatory Experts?

The sponsorship system allows you to co-opt regulatory experts. To do this, simply connect to your profile and enter their email addresses in the "Sponsorship" section. This way we will know that they are coming from you. For each referral recruited via GRACES, you will receive a gift voucher worth € 300 🎁!

Can I request the deletion of my account and my information?

In accordance with the legislation in force, you can at any time request the complete deletion of your account and your information by writing to us at In order to avoid having to recreate a profile later, you can also update your profile in "sleep" to no longer receive jobs from companies, or emails from our team. The process is done via your candidate area. This gives you the option to reactivate your profile later if you wish.