CNIL: white paper on voice assistants

Due to their presence in smartphones, cars or even refrigerators, voice assistants have become essential.

In order to explore the ethical, technical and legal issues, the CNIL publishes its white paper intended for professionals and users alike.

Voice, an issue for personal data

By joining forces with numerous researchers and experts, particularly in the field of voice processing, the CNIL explains the challenges of this technology, in this white paper, in order to offer a new vision and as complete as possible.

It is based on its work on the subject, carried out since 2016, in terms of compliance as well as that of exploration thanks to its Digital Innovation Laboratory, LINC.

Voice assistants indeed have a special place in new communication technologies. Supposed to facilitate our use of digital technology (especially for people with disabilities or dependency), their presence in the heart of homes can make them particularly intrusive. In addition, the voice being a biometric characteristic that can allow the identification of a person, the use of such an object is therefore not trivial.

Beyond this analysis, the CNIL presents good practices for designers, application developers, integrators as well as for organizations wishing to deploy voice assistants in shared places, emphasizing the need for transparency and security of devices designed to respect the GDPR and the privacy of individuals.

Advice is also given to users on how to control their voice assistants, by allowing them to ensure, for example, the confidentiality of the data transmitted, the use made by children or a good level of security of the devices.

Download the White Paper

Virginie Gastine Menou

“Personalized support on the complex road to compliance”

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