Cybersecurity and cyber defense: strategic issues

Addressing a panel of diverse audiences, this book covers a broad panorama of structuring topics related to digital security. Taking as a starting point the understanding of cyberspace, he describes some important properties: trends, issues, "topological" characteristics, actors involved. He brings up the question of digital sovereignty, by trying to give the keys to understanding it. The manual then attempts to describe the " cyber threat »And its main trends: sources, motivations and purposes of attackers, targets, operating methods. This description will naturally call for a reflection on the approaches, methods and tools allowing reach a state of cybersecurity, by governing cyber risk, preventing cyber attacks and organizing to protect, detect and react to them. Beyond the level of individuals and organizations, the question of response from states and public authorities to the phenomenon of “digital insecurity”, by presenting French approach, doctrine and organization in this area, and by exploring the international issues : bilateral cooperation, international organizations and issues of regulation of cyberspace stability. Based on the principle that we can only know where we are going by knowing where we come from, a " brief history of digital security in France »Will conclude this overview.

Complementing a literature approaching the subject from a more specific or more technical angle, this manual offers a rich synthesis of the structuring issues related to cybersecurity. It is based on a rare and precious point of view: that of an agent who served for several years within the national cyber defense authority at a key period in the structuring of French, European and global digital security ecosystems.

Author : Salamon Yann

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