National diagnosis on anti-corruption measures in companies

The French Anticorruption Agency (AFA) publishes the results of the investigation into anti-corruption measures in companies


Charles Duchaine, Magistrate, Director of the French Anticorruption Agency

The mission of the French Anti-Corruption Agency (AFA) is to help anyone who may be confronted with it to prevent and detect corruption offenses and other breaches of probity.

In this context, the legislator has in particular instructed the AFA to prepare a multi-year national plan to combat these offenses.

The first axis of this plan (multiannual national plan to fight against corruption 2020-2022), validated by the government at the beginning of 2020, is to better understand corruption in France.

The AFA therefore launched in February 2020, and with the help of professional federations, a national diagnosis for several thousand companies in all sectors of activity in order to take stock of the situation. maturity of their corruption prevention and detection systems.

The results of this diagnosis, which we share with you in this document, provide information on all types of business populations, whether they are SMEs, mid-cap companies or large companies and whether or not they are subject to compliance obligations. of article 17 of the Sapin II law.

It emerges that companies have the feeling that they are familiar with corruption offenses and that 70% of them have implemented a prevention system. However, the systems remain too incomplete in terms of risk mapping and third party assessment. The position of the head of the compliance function should also be strengthened.

Small mid-cap companies and SMEs (not subject to the compliance obligations laid down in article 17 of the Sapin II law) seem to be lagging behind in the deployment of the prevention system.

Aware that these companies do not always have the human and financial resources as well as the expertise to put in place effective anti-corruption measures, the AFA will step up its actions in their regard.

Certain economic sectors are particularly well represented in the population of companies that responded. The representativeness of the participating companies will allow AFA to share information concerning them with the sectors concerned.

This diagnosis is intended to be the first in a series which will aim to regularly measure the evolution of the perception of corruption and the implementation of measures to prevent it within French companies.

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