ESG: Environment - Social - Governance

France Invest, French Association of Investors for Growth, brings together private equity companies active in France and the associated professions that support them.

Its members play a major role in the growth and transformation of businesses and in supporting the French economy.

France Invest promotes the development of private equity among entrepreneurs, managers of global savings, French and European public authorities, and opinion leaders.

Through its mission of ethics, control and development of market practices, France Invest is one of the associations recognized by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers whose membership for management companies is one of the conditions of approval.

The ESG Commission brings together 34 member structures that work to integrate extra-financial issues into the practices of management companies and into the practices of the companies they support. The role of the Commission is to engage the profession in the adoption and implementation of the ESG policy within management companies and their portfolio companies, creating value (financial and extra-financial) for companies. as for the funds that support them and for their stakeholders.

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