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Trafficking in human beings and trafficking in human beings, typologies of money laundering - Live Webinar -26-10-2020

October 26

Although trafficking in human beings is considered, within the European Union (EU) as in Belgium, as a serious crime that must be combated vigorously, knowledge about the financing of human trafficking is rather limited. Since it is commonly accepted that trafficking in human beings is primarily aimed at maximizing profits, a better knowledge of this funding is essential to better understand the phenomenon and tackle it more effectively.

The objectives of this training are as follows:

  • Acquisition of basic knowledge on:
    • the concepts of “human trafficking / human trafficking”, the underlying processes, as well as the “how” and “why”
    • international / European and Belgian regulations (preventive and repressive)
    • identification and recognition of “human trafficking / human trafficking” in daily activities (forms) and in financial transactions
    • the possible solutions for the financial sector to fight against “trafficking in human beings / trafficking in human beings”
  • The recycling of concepts in money laundering (what, objective, 3-phase model, typologies, etc.)
  • The ability to situate human trafficking / human trafficking in the “crime time line” (chain of crime) in relation to money laundering (as predicate offenses)


October 26
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