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October 2020
23 October 2020

Colloquium on “Data governance and regulation”, organized by the Council of State and the University of Paris Dauphine-PSL

This conference will be accessible live and on video on October 23 on this same page and on the Council of State's social networks. Often presented as the key to […]

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24 October 2020

New DGSE Challenge - Operation Brigitte Friang

Evil Country, a fictitious authoritarian regime is subject to violent demonstrations against the regime in place. There are many signs that Evil Gouv is ready to take action to […]

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26 October 2020

Trafficking in human beings and trafficking in human beings, typologies of money laundering - Live Webinar -26-10-2020

Although trafficking in human beings is considered, both in the European Union (EU) and in Belgium, as a serious crime that must be combated vigorously, knowledge of the subject […]

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31 October 2020
November 2020
06 November 2020

Compliance morning, organized by Altares Dun & Bradstreet

The 4th morning of Compliance, organized by Altares on the morning of November 6, will have as a common thread “Methods and best practices in the face of the intensification of fraudulent acts”. During […]

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09 November 2020

“Air2020: what changes in the world of work?” Event, organized by the CNIL

Work and confinement: a new field for digital innovation Shaken up by confinement, the world of work has once again shown that it is a privileged field for innovation […]

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12 November 2020

ETHICS General Assembly

Register now! ETHICS General Assembly on 12-13 November 2020 in: Upcoming Events ETHICS will hold its Annual General Assembly on 12-13 November 2020 and goes online for safety reasons. Registrations are now open […]

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16 November 2020

Prevention against the financing of terrorism - Training

The objectives of this training are: to be able to describe the phenomenon of "terrorist financing"; to be able to locate and appoint at national, European and international level, the actors […]

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17 November 2020


GOVERNANCES offers, with art professionals, training specifically dedicated to AML / CFT allowing to design and implement a prevention system adapted to current requirements.

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23 November 2020

Recognizing anti-money laundering typologies - Live Webinar - 23-11-2020

Les objectifs de la formation sont les suivants: pouvoir situer les différentes typologies dans leur ensemble pour lutter contre le blanchiment d'argent (chronologie de la criminalité); pouvoir situer tous les acteurs […]

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