Counter-terrorism assets freeze

September 11, 2001, the Boston Marathon, Charlie Hebdo, March 2016 at Brussels Airport, Orlando, the Berlin Christmas market or Strasbourg, the Bataclan… So many dates and events that remain in our memory . There were many others: 17,000 terrorist attacks were recorded across the world in 2019, killing 45,000. The figures are 10,900 attacks and 26,400 deaths in 2017. If terrorism is a scourge difficult to apprehend as it is multifaceted, it must be supported by financial means to prosper. Indeed, no legal or illegal business can function without economic, logistical and human support.

Sandra Birtel studied private law at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne as well as profiling at the University of Capitole 1 in Toulouse. Passionate about criminal law and serious crime, she naturally turned to white collar crime. She thus studied compliance within the Master II Compliance Officer in Strasbourg. With extensive experience as a legal consultant and Compliance Officer in France, Luxembourg and Belgium, Sandra Birtel has always had a great interest in the transmission of knowledge.
Thus, after a first self-published book intended for students, she is preparing other legal books for AML-CFT professionals and gives training in particular on the financing of terrorism. Indeed, the subject being at the crossroads of criminal law and anti-money laundering legislation, she has made it her specialty. Also, she improves her knowledge in the subject with a second Master II at the University of Nice in internal security and prepares her entry to the Luxembourg Bar.

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