GRECO - Russian Federation Compliance Report

GRECO has just made public its 4th Evaluation Round Compliance Report on the Russian Federation, as adopted at its 84th Plenary Meeting (Strasbourg, 2-6 December 2019), following the authorization given by the authorities of the Russian Federation.

The Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) was created in 1999 by the Council of Europe to ensure compliance with the organization's anti-corruption standards by member states.

GRECO aims to improve the capacity of its members to fight corruption by ensuring, through a dynamic process of mutual evaluation and peer pressure, that they comply with Council standards. of Europe in the fight against corruption. It helps identify gaps in national anti-corruption policies and thus encourages states to carry out the necessary legislative, institutional and practical reforms. GRECO is also a forum for sharing best practices in the prevention and detection of corruption.

The Compliance Report assesses the measures taken by the authorities of the Russian Federation to implement the recommendations made in the Fourth Round Evaluation Report on the Russian Federation, as adopted by GRECO at its 77th Plenary meeting (October 18, 2017) and made public on March 22, 2018 with the permission of the Russian Federation (GrecoEval4Rep (2017) 2). GRECO's Fourth Evaluation Round focuses on preventing corruption of parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors.

In its Evaluation Report, GRECO addressed 22 recommendations to the Russian Federation. Compliance with these recommendations is assessed and analyzed by recommendation.

GRECO issues a conclusion for the Russian Federation on the efficient implementation or not of the twenty-two recommendations.

Virginie Gastine Menou

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