Institute of Risk & Compliance: 2nd European Congress

The Risk & Compliance Institute is an association founded in October 2017 which brings together lawyers, corporate lawyers and compliance experts with strong field experience in France and internationally. The team shares the conviction that an informed compliance approach can enable organizations to effectively control risks and thus more calmly seize the opportunities that present themselves to them on local, national and international markets.

1-Compliance & Technology

Ethics as a tool for overcoming through technology? A real question posed in our way of applying laws and regulations: are the issue of data and respect for privacy respected? If so, are transparency, impartiality, integrity and accountability the key concepts? Whether it's anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, cybersecurity, technology has a role to play. Together, let's consider these new opportunities.

The themes :

- Compliance "by design", instructions for use
- Cloud & Compliance, the keys to successful data-driven
- Ethics & Compliance, facing the challenges of AI and the future
- Internal management risks, are you up to date?
- Preparing for an AFA test: what you need to know
- Whistleblowing and European Union: directives
- Risk mapping: best practices

And exclusively:
"Compliance & technology: overview of tools" plenary conference presented by Virginie Gastine-Menou and Pierre-Yves Lastic

2-International Trade Compliance

The new challenges of International Trade Compliance in a rapidly changing world: What risks for companies exporting goods and services?

The challenges of compliance in international trade are numerous and have become a priority in recent years and months.

The fight against corruption, money laundering and the financing of terrorism, the need to prevent nuclear, bacteriological and chemical proliferation and economic sanctions and embargoes, often used as instruments of political, legal and economic domination, and the rapid emergence dual-use technologies, have made a structured and multifunctional consideration essential in companies exporting goods, technologies and services.

Companies today find themselves having to take into account many constantly evolving laws and regulations and make them operational in their globalized value chains, in order to control their reputational, financial and criminal risks and those of their managers and employees.

It is this complex and shifting reality, strongly disrupted by the present international health crisis, that this conference of the Risk & Compliance Institute wishes to put into perspective through the contribution of professionals in import / export, compliance and regulators.

The themes :

- Prevention of international corruption
- The fight against illicit financing, in particular the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism
- Export control and economic sanctions: sanctions against Russia, Iran; the Chinese Export Control Bill; constraints for financing transactions
- “International Trade” compliance: how to build a compliance program?

3-Compliance & RGPD

Privacy and data, new challenges for our modern societies? Snowden's revelations, the Cambridge Analytica affair, repeated cybersecurity flaws, all of these excesses that invite better data management.

Europe's response to these threats is based on the GDPR, a regulatory bulwark against the use of our data.

The DPO is however confronted with a heterogeneous interpretation of the GDPR on the European territory which does not facilitate the accomplishment of its missions.

Concerning the certification of companies proving their compliance with the GDPR, a European consensus is being established, supported by the CNIL, which is already differentiated by the implementation
in place of a certification reference system for French DPOs.

The themes :

- Privacy by design, ask yourself the right questions
- Data breach & data breach: how to control the risks?
- PIA impact analysis: study and analysis of real cases
- Consent in France and in Europe: how to manage them?
- Ethics and health data
- The Cyber and the Compliance Officer: new jobs?
- Certification of DPOs and GDPR referents: towards European standardization?

Round table on the theme: "RGPD, at the heart of compliance? »With speakers from the CNIL, ANSSI, AFA and TRACFIN.

The aim of this congress was to build the Union of DPOs in Europe, promote their experience and pool their skills by allowing them to be proactive and to discuss the daily topics of a DPO.

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