Cybercrime in 10 offenses: analysis, examples and action plan

Cybercrime is a threat to all businesses. The proper implementation of digital "barrier gestures" can greatly reduce the risk for your business whether it is a large group, a mid-cap, an SME, or even a start-up. It is for this purpose and on the basis of my experience as an expert lawyer in cybercrime that I produced a Practical Guide entitled "Cybercrime in 10 offenses: analysis, examples and action plan (bonus: cybersquatting, typosquatting: extrajudicial proceedings) ”.
It is aimed at business leaders, legal directors, information systems directors, information systems security managers, as well as compliance managers.
You will thus be able not only to reduce your risk but also to deploy the legal procedures to be implemented upstream, as a preventive measure, and immediately in the event of an attack.
So that you can easily use it, this Guide is practical and the subject is illustrated by infographics and examples.

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