The Risk Manager function

Against a backdrop of media scandals, the interventions of the regulator-legislator (Sapin II, GDPR, etc.) and the growing pressure from stakeholders (shareholders, civil society actors, auditors, etc.) make the Risk Manager function essential in all sectors of activity.

Why and how was the Risk Manager function created?

What risks are Risk Managers facing?

What is the place of Risk Managers in the organization? What are their skills? ...

Draw up a complete overview of this function, identify its characteristics, reflect on its future and suggest avenues for development: here is the whole objective of this book.

Using various business cases, examples and feedback, the authors present an updated intervention framework for a completely overhauled function.
Illustrated with numerous interviews with operational risk management personnel, this book is aimed at both students and professionals to understand the missions and challenges of the Risk Manager function.

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