WTO publishes new edition of Trade Profiles

Trade Profiles 2020 provides a series of key indicators on trade in goods and trade in commercial services for 197 economies. The profiles include a breakdown of exports and imports for each economy as well as for its major trading partners. The cut-off point for data included in the publication is August 14, 2020.

For merchandise trade, the main exports and imports are listed for agricultural and non-agricultural products. For trade in services, a detailed breakdown is provided for transport, travel and other commercial services. Statistics on foreign affiliates (FATS) and statistics on industrial property are also provided.

Profiles are available for all WTO Members and Observers and for other selected economies. The data is presented in a two-page format for each economy, providing a concise overview of world trade.

Additional data is available on the WTO statistics webpage, the WTO data portal and the international trade and market access online data application.

The WTO also provides short-term trade data on the WTO Statistics webpage. Time series on trade in goods and commercial services, on an annual basis, can also be downloaded from the site.

The other annual statistical publications of the WTO are the World Tariff Profiles and the World Trade Statistical Review, which were published earlier this year.

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