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The Panorama of cybersecurity professions aims to guide companies in their recruitment policy, to support training managers and to encourage students or employees in retraining. It offers a clear and shared vision of the various trades in the sector to structure the booming cyber job market.

The increasing digitization of trade and economic activities as well as the development and increasing complexity of the cyber threat make the need to provide businesses and administrations with trained, qualified and competent personnel in cybersecurity more urgently. This observation is now the subject of a shared consensus.

ANSSI has put in place mechanisms to stimulate, encourage and recognize initiatives for the development of training courses and the dissemination of good practices. In order to guide companies in their recruitment policy, to support training providers and to encourage students or retraining employees, it is continuing its support efforts by contributing to the structuring of the employment market of the information systems security (ISS).

This is the whole purpose of this Panorama of cybersecurity professions: a work of exploration, characterization and pooling around the professions - established or emerging - which constitute the vast and varied field of digital security. . Names, missions, skills, areas of intervention, development trends are all dimensions on which it is necessary to bring out shared visions. This is in order to fluidify and boost a booming cyber job market.

Work process

In 2015, a working group made up of representatives from higher education, industry and ANSSI drew up a list of 16 “job profiles” in the field of digital security. This list was published on the ANSSI website and integrated into the labeling system for higher education in SSI SecNumedu.

In 2019, in close collaboration with Syntec Numérique, work aimed at updating and enriching it was launched and managed by ANSSI.

The scope of the actors consulted throughout the project was also significantly broadened compared to the first study: representatives of companies and administrations, actors of higher education delivering training in digital security (SecNumedu community), communities sectoral professionals (including VSE / SME), user administrations and large private accounts. This consultation made it possible to collect the needs, observed trends and the different realities and practices of the job market.

Development principles and instructions for use

Developing a list of occupations in such a changing industry is a delicate exercise. What is more, certain professions sometimes have ill-defined outlines and their names may vary from one organization to another. The object of this Panorama is not to freeze meanings and practices, but to develop a shared inventory at the time of its publication, with the idea of offering a tool to those who want to use it and not a standard. The methodological principles and biases which governed the development of this Panorama of professions are described in the appendix.

ANSSI offers a nomenclature of digital security professions which is intended to be adapted by each organization according to its specificities.
Each job file is self-supporting and can be used independently of the other job files proposed in the document, which explains certain overlaps in activities between several jobs.

Cybersecurity professions


  • Cybersecurity Director
  • Head of Information Systems Security (RSSI)
  • Variation for the IS security manager within an SME / VSE
  • Safety coordinator
  • Safety Program Director
  • Security project manager


  • Project security manager
  • Security architect
  • Security specialist in a technical field
  • Specialist in secure development
  • Cryptologist
  • Security solutions administrator
  • Organizational security auditor
  • Technical security auditor


  • SOC manager
  • SOC analyst operator
  • Head of CSIRT
  • Security incident response analyst
  • Cyber security crisis manager
  • Cyber Security Threat Analyst


  • Cyber security consultant
  • Cybersecurity trainer
  • Information Technology Security Assessor
  • Developer of security solutions
  • Integrator of security solutions
  • Information systems security researcher


  • Professions contributing to the cybersecurity process
  • Trades that may specialize in cybersecurity

Panorama of cybersecurity professions - 2020 edition

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