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In this article, some of the stability issues raised by the evaluation system of European life insurance regulations are discussed.

Through an in-depth study of the so-called economic valuation framework, shaped by the market coherence contract, the practical interest of one of the proposals by El Karoui, Loisel, Prigent & Vedani (2017) for strengthen the stability of the deadlines used as input data to calibrate actuarial models. This has led to delegitimizing the argument of the advisability of non-arbitrage as a regulatory criterion to frame the valuation, and as opposition to the approach previously presented.

Then, tools are presented to improve the convergence of the estimates of economic value, whether it is the VIF or the SCR, using the usual variance reduction methods and specific work on the simulation seeds. Through various implementations on a specific portfolio and valuation model, the variance of the estimators is decreased by more than 16 times.

Virginie Gastine Menou

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