TRACFIN - Annual activity report 2019 + Summary

Tracfin collects, analyzes, enriches and uses financial information. In 2019, Tracfin received and analyzed 99 527 information (+25 %), thus perpetuating the increase in the number of information received by the service in recent years (+40 % in 2 years and +120 % in 5 years).

So, among this information, the service received 95 731 suspicious transaction reports (+25 %) resulting from the vigilance of professionals subject to the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing system. Declarations from the financial professions, i.e. 89 574 statements, represent 94 % reports. Credit institutions remain the main contributors with 56 588 reports in 2019 (63 % of suspicious transaction reports from the financial sector, 11 % increase compared to 2018).

Tracfin is an investigation service. It is the exclusive recipient of suspicious transaction reports issued today by more than 40 professions subject to the anti-money laundering system.

Its mission is to collect, analyze, enrich and use any information suitable for establishing the origin or the criminal destination of a financial transaction.

Finally, it collaborates with its foreign counterparts and other State administrations. But still the supervisory authorities of the subject professionals.

Virginie Gastine Menou

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