An intelligence structure created in France against money laundering and fraudulent redemptions linked to the health crisis

FranceInfo press release

This is a first in France. The aim is to detect crooks who could launder dirty money by taking control of troubled companies or who could set up state aid scams.
An intelligence structure specially dedicated to money laundering was created following the health crisis linked to Covid-19, revealed France Inter on Sunday, September 27. This is a first in France.

The objective is to detect the false "good Samaritans" who would play the saviors to take secret control of businesses and companies in difficulty and launder dirty money, or those who would try to set up scams. linked to state aid.

Over 2,000 fraud incidents already reported

Teams of analysts and intelligence specialists in organized crime have been set up to prevent the infiltration in the coming months of funds of criminal origin. Nearly 2,400 acts of fraud have already been reported to the police in France.

According to an expert on money laundering, these fraudulent operations are a “monstrous risk of unprecedented magnitude”. For the deputy of the sub-directorate for the fight against financial crime at the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ), Corinne Bertoux, the risk is to see the development of a "control by organized crime in the legal economy" . For the moment, no concrete case of money laundering or dubious redemption has been detected in France.

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