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Global Perspectives on the Transnational Far-Right Threat and Response

3 novembre à 12 h 00 min - 17 h 30 min

This event marks the launch of RUSI’s Far-Right Extremism and Terrorism (FRET) research programme, led by RUSI’s Terrorism and Conflict Research Group based in London and Nairobi, the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, and the Cyber Research Group.

It will highlight the existing state of research on the transnational nature of FRET and herald the start of research contributions that RUSI aims to make through this new research programme.

Despite the emphasis that far-right groups and movements place on nationalism and local roots, these networks are increasingly forging transnational links. In the last decade, we have observed multiple examples of attacks serving as a galvanising force for similar hits in other parts of the world. Enabled by the internet as well as easier and more frequent physical and financial interactions, the global logistical and ideological links between such groups have grown stronger, thereby changing the nature of the threat.

The globalisation of attacks and extremist and terrorist groups indicates the need to look at the threat through a transnational lens in order to develop more effective responses. This, in turn, would enable the design of preventing and countering violent extremism programming, counterterrorist financing approaches and possible ways to limit the spread of hate by tackling far-right threats earlier and more effectively.

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