The Nordic Business Ethics Survey is a pioneering survey into employees’ views on ethics across multiple business sectors and job roles, which was conducted for the first time in 2019. The Focus on Anti-Corruption publication is a deep-dive into corruption related ethical misconduct in Nordic workplaces. This report provides some interesting insights into what type of scenarios are observed, where these are observed and by whom. The 2020 edition of the Survey was extended to Denmark, and now include 4.000 respondents from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. In addition to the general Survey questions, we also added some ‘Ethics Pulse‘ questions relating to hot topics. The Survey is enabled by the generous support from Forensic Risk Alliance. ​ With several cooperation partners, the NBE have planned an exciting ‘release tour’, where you can join us to talk about the survey results both in small live events as well as live streams and webinars. p/o Virginie Gastine Menou RISQUES ET VOUS
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