Protecting Your Business Against All Possible Threats

Laurence Duarte Founder of Strat & Shield Co. | Global Management Consulting | Brand Protection | Business Writer | Paris – New York – Shanghai

There is no such thing as business as usual anymore — and we have technology to thank for that. We can email across continents in a second, place a video call with colleagues in five different cities and take advantage of software that allows us to grow our companies lightning fast.

 But that same technology — and the changes it has brought — also makes us vulnerable to threats we may never have even considered.

 We’re all certainly aware of cybercrime, but do you have a plan to protect your business from it? Were you aware that espionage is not limited to the realm of government? What about scandal and harassment? In today’s cancel culture, we’re all just an accusation away from serious harm.

 The reality is that, in order to grow while also staying protected, a company must be aware of all possible threats and have a plan to mitigate them.

 At Strat & Shield Co., that’s exactly what we do best. We’re a strategy-driven management consulting firm based in Paris, Shanghai and New York — and we excel at identifying all possible threats and formulating plans to mitigate those threats.

Nobody wants to return to the days of typewriters and circulated manilla envelopes. But risk must be managed so that we are fully able to enjoy the advantages of our new world — freedom, opportunity and prosperity.

p/o Virginie Gastine Menou


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