Report: Global coalition of unions accuses of XPO Logistics of worker abuse and unsafe Covid-19 response

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In October 2020, XPO Global Union Family, a coalition of 11 unions, published a report accusing XPO logistics of extensive labour rights violations, violence and exposing workers to Covid-19. XPO Logistics is one of the largest global logistics companies, operating in 30 countries with 97,000 employees. It provides logistics and transportation services to major multinational companies including Amazon, Ikea, Walmart, Nestlé, and Target.

The report alleges that XPO employees worldwide have been subject to wage theft and exploitation, hazardous working conditions, pregnancy and gender discrimination, sexual harassment and anti-union tactics. Furthermore, the report details what it describes as a negligent Covid-19 response, which exposed workers to deadly outbreaks at XPO facilities.

Lafe Soloman, a union representative, stated that many of the companies that outsource transportation services to XPO “Don’t even know the level or extent of exploitation that goes on in their supply chains.”

A XPO spokesperson stated many of these claims were outdated. “The report repeats wholly inaccurate allegations that have been entirely debunked.”

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Virginie Gastine Menou

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