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Episode 10: Unintended Consequences: Humanitarianism and CTF Compliance
Aid organisations must navigate through tough circumstances to reach those most in need. The challenges are not solely physical; they also include compliance with a complex global sanctions and counter-terrorism finance regime, one that is often disconnected from realities on the ground. Former humanitarian policy advisor Rachel Sider joins Stephen Reimer to share insights from the field. This week’s ‘In the News’ includes CFCS’s Olivia Kearney and Associate Fellow Nick Turner.

Episode 9: Dinosaur or Innovator? Inside the US AML Machine
Despite half a century of evolution, the US financial crime policy landscape remains as convoluted and challenging to navigate as ever. Yet, it has also shown real sparks of innovation, particularly in terms of information sharing and the much-lauded AML Act of 2020. Host Tom Keatinge is joined by RegTech consultant Jim Richards to dive into the complex world of financial crime compliance in the US and explore what might lie ahead.

This week’s ‘In the News’ includes RUSI’s Darya Dolzikova and Associate Fellow Jessica Davis.

Episode 8: Finding a Balance: Controls vs Inclusion
A robust anti-money laundering regime prevents crime and terror, yet it can also exclude large portions of society from financial services. Roughly 1.7 billion people across the globe lack access to finance, and this includes 1 million in the UK alone. Host Isabella Chase is joined by Mariam Zahari, Policy Specialist at the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, to explore why the fostering of an inclusive financial integrity framework matters for both sustainable development and global security.

This week’s ‘In the News’ includes CFCS’s Wojciech Pawlus and RUSI Associate Fellow Malcolm Wright.

Episode 7: Proliferation finance: A Sub-Saharan African Bank Stays Ahead
It’s no secret that North Korea and other actors seek to exploit financial systems to pursue their proliferation goals. Sub-Saharan Africa has been one of the most affected regions; its financial institutions stand on the front lines of compliance, particularly when it comes to the recently-intensified UN sanctions measures. Host Wojciech Pawlus is joined by Mpendu Zwane, the counterproliferation finance manager at Absa, to hear how this South Africa-based banking group stays on top of the threat.
This week’s ‘In the News’ includes CFCS Director Tom Keatinge and RUSI Associate Fellow Gemma Rogers of Fintrail, the financial crime-fighting consultancy.

Episode 6: Getting the Partnership Right
The public-private partnership (PPP) concept is now an essential component in the fight against financial crime, but that wasn’t always the case. Host Tom Keatinge is joined by Paul Jevtovic, the former CEO of the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), who had an instrumental role in placing PPPs at the centre of financial crime-fighting. This week’s ‘In the News’ includes CFCS’s Isabella Chase and Michael O’Kane from leading UK law firm Peters & Peters.

Episode 5: The Watchful Croupier: The UK Gambling Commission
Preventing financial crime in gambling is no mean feat, particularly given the diversity of criminal methods both online and on land. Yet the UK has managed to stay on top of the threat, even receiving accolades from FATF for the strength of its risk-based supervision. Claire Wilson, Senior Manager of Anti Money Laundering and Money Laundering Reporting Officer at the UK Gambling Commission, joins host Anton Moiseienko in offering insights on the UK’s approach. This week’s ‘In the News’ includes CFCS’s Anton Moiseienko and RUSI Associate Fellow Matthew Redhead.

Episode 4: The Illegal Wildlife Trade: Not Just a Talking Point
Environmental Crime is the 4th largest transnational organized crime in the world. This episode focuses on the illegal wildlife trade (IWT), where the pace of the global response does not match the scale of the threat. Yet, many local authorities embraced the challenge long before it was on the global anti-financial crime agenda. Host Alexandria Reid is joined by Atuweni Agbermodji, who headed Malawi’s Financial Intelligence Authority and was instrumental in driving change to tackle IWT crime in the country. This week’s ‘In the News’ includes CFCS’s Maria Sofia Reiser and RUSI Associate Fellow David Artingstall.

Episode 3: Digital ID: Advancing the Possibilities
A cashless society is nearly here and with it comes the need for effective and secure digital identity. While many governments and institutions are playing catch up, Canada has embraced the challenge. Host Isabella Chase is joined by Andre Boysen, Chief Identity Officer at SecureKey to get the scoop on Canada’s pioneering efforts in digital identity and the game-changing impact it could have on financial services across the world. This week’s ‘In the News’ includes CFCS’s Kayla Izenman and Charles Delingpole of ComplyAdvantage.

Episode 2: Crime Shouldn’t Pay… But It Still Does
Why isn’t crime paying for society? Estimates show that only 1% of criminal proceeds are ultimately confiscated. Asset management consultant Aidan Larkin, together with host Helena Wood, discusses the barriers to action and how to make the changes that will get money back to society. In this week’s ‘In the News’ segment, CFCS Director Tom Keatinge and Research Analyst Sasha Erskine bring you their insights.

Episode 1: Breaking Slavery’s Financial Chains
Modern slavery and human trafficking are one of the most profitable crimes in the world, generating hundreds of billions of dollars a year. What more can the financial sector do to help tackle it? Host Tom Keatinge is joined by financial investigations consultant and former Hong Kong law enforcement official Steve Farrer to explore new and novel ways that policy can be put into practice to combat this egregious


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